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Even in the digital age, a business’s phone line can be a lifeline. Advanced automation is great, except when it tries to replace one-on-one interaction with a real person. Through over 70 years of technological evolution, Hastings Humans have remained true to one core value: customer service will always rely on people talking to people. That’s how you get better customer satisfaction, better online reviews, and, ultimately, more repeat business. All of our customer service agents operate out of our Austin, TX office, so your company is always represented by a highly trained, high-touch Hastings Human. Make the right call, and take advantage of the nationwide business answering, facilities monitoring, remote receptionist, 24/7 business answering services, and overflow call handling services we offer!

Why Hastings?
There are a lot of reasons to choose Hastings Humans: friendly customer service agents, competitive rates, licensed and locally owned business, comprehensive call center and answering services, decades of excellent service, and the list goes on! We are leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors, that’s for sure.
Our Services

Hastings Humans offers outstanding communication solutions. We boast a complete line of human and contact center services that will help you gain a stronger, more loyal client base while maintaining smooth, hitch-free operations in and out of your office. We have the answers to all your problems!

Meet the Humans

Behind the success of Hastings Humans is an extensive history of creation, innovation, and continuous revolution. We have gone a long way since our humble beginnings 1948 and it is all thanks to a team of passionate, dedicated, and results-driven communication experts

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Customer Reviews

Micky P.

Our phone lines are our lifeline. Hastings has made our entire operation more efficient by providing all the information for our staff to follow up on. Bookings are great, we aren’t losing business through the cracks, and the customers talk to a live person. Business is up over 30%. Thank you, Hastings!”

Chris G, Attorney

"With the Hastings Humans, I found a solution that allows me to concentrate on growing my firm, with scalable customer service that can grow with me. That gives me billable hours, more time to concentrate on my clients’ needs, more time to build my firm, and ultimately, more time for myself."

Aaron C.

Most of my clients believe my one-man operation is a big company. The feedback I get from my clients about the call center is great AND I don’t have to answer the phones! I’ve been working with Hastings for a year and they are one of the few contractors that are key to my success and peace of mind.”