Hastings Humans

Following The Customers

Based out of Austin, TX, we serve a variety of businesses of different sizes and industries, including property management, retail stores, nonprofit organizations, utility and technology providers, government agencies, and so much more.

Are you looking for a virtual answering service for home or Internet-based businesses? Who says you have to rent a physical office and pay high monthly fees? Simply get a PO Box, a phone number, and a Hastings Humans account, and we’ll act as the business phone answering service that you need to legitimize your business, without paying rent. Virtual answering is a great tool for those who are self-employed. Phone calls distract you from your work, so let Hastings Humans be the business call answering service while you take care of business.

Our experienced customer service advocates can even act as a virtual office receptionist for self-employed, Internet-based, and home-based companies. Don’t pay thousands of dollars a year for a physical office. Let a Hastings Humans representative act as your virtual telephone receptionist while you’re focused on your business instead being interrupted with phone calls.