Virtual Receptionist

Welcome to Hastings Humans, providing the best virtual receptionist service for your growing business. Based out of Austin, TX, we serve a variety of businesses of different sizes and industries, including property management, retail stores, nonprofit organizations, utility and technology providers, government agencies, and so much more.

When your clients and customers call, they expect service, not just an answering machine. That’s where Hastings Humans comes in. Unlike other virtual receptionist companies, we don’t just answer calls and force your clients to hold, our receptionists will be trained to answer questions, dispatch services, direct calls to the proper department, and provide customer service with a smile. All of this comes at a low cost to you, so that you aren’t forced to hire, train, insure, and provide equipment for an on-site receptionist. With Hastings Humans, you get the benefits of a live virtual receptionist service without the high payroll rates of on-site assistance, and without sacrificing quality.

Our experienced customer service advocates can even act as a virtual office receptionist for self-employed, Internet-based, and home-based companies. Don’t pay thousands of dollars a year for a physical office. Let a Hastings Humans representative act as your virtual telephone receptionist while you’re focused on your business instead being interrupted with phone calls.

So, are you interested in hiring a low-cost receptionist that’s available at all times, even after-hours? Contact us to learn more about how to hire a small business virtual receptionist, learn how we can assist you 24/7, and discover how to customize your service experience for you.