Hastings Humans

Additional Live Services

In addition to Live Answering service and Virtual Receptionist services, Hastings Humans in Austin TX also provide Lead Capture, Order Management, Urgent Response, Facilites Monitoring, Tier 1 Tech Support and Specialized Voicemail services.

Lead Capture
A lead is a terrible thing to waste. Sales go up when your telephone answering services help you follow up with leads captured at all hours of the day. Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, complete orders, and get calls forwarded if – and only if – needed. A live operator service makes everything easier – including making money.
Order Management

Bring order to your office, and get a team of Humans to process purchases over the phone. Hastings’ answering services for small businesses free you up to work on the important things without adding to payroll. 

Tier 1 Tech Support
You want to treat every customer with respect and give them the support that they need but you also don’t want to waste your team’s time on the basics. Hastings Humans can provide first tier technical support for your business, freeing up your braniacs to work on the hard stuff. Our customer service agents can answer simple questions and offer basic advice 24 hours a day, which means you, and, hopefully, your customers, can get a good night’s sleep.

With our tier one tech support, you can:
  • Provide live support to customers with basic questions
  • Forward tougher calls directly to your support staff
  • Set up overflow service in anticipation of heavy seasonal traffic
  • Have someone available 24/7, so frustrated customers don’t feel abandoned
Urgent and Emergency

There’s no way to predict when trouble will come, except that it’s usually at the worst possible time. When your employees, customers, or clients need help immediately and you’re out of pocket, who do you turn to? Consider Hastings Humans’ 24/7 customer service agents. Our highly trained, professional agents are available around-the-clock to both reassure callers that their problem is solved and send someone to fix it. Hastings Humans keeps businesses running smoothly, even in bumpy times.

With our 24/7 dispatch services, you can:

  • Maintain an around-the-clock emergency hotline
  • Quickly dispatch courtesy officers or security personnel to properties
  • Keep your customer service running even during extreme weather as our Humans stay high and dry in Austin, TX
  • Keep the phone lines open during high-volume events
Facilities Monitoring
As much as you’d like to keep an eye on your facilities 24 hours a day, you’ve got to sleep sometime. Our around-the-clock facilities monitoring service ensures that even when you don’t have eyes on your property, you’ll at least have some ears. Hastings Humans’ live answering service ensures that your clients, residents, and customers can always get the help that they need.

With our facilities monitoring service, you can:
  • Have us receive automated email or phone alerts from your equipment and facility monitoring systems and provide timely response according to your protocol
  • Maintain an emergency telephone hotline for reports from staff or public of issues that need to be immediately addressed
  • Make available to tenants and residents 24-hour access to facilities management and maintenance
  • Allow around-the-clock access to secure facilities through remote identity confirmation
Customized Voicemail

For over 30 years, we’ve brought our customers the most advanced interactive voice response and voicemail systems available for when you absolutely need them.
Some benefits with our voicemail service:

  • You can arrange to give the caller the option of going to one of our Hastings Humans when that personal touch is needed.
  • You can keep a permanent record of all your voicemails since they are emailed to you as they come in.