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Communications is the most critical skill an attorney can possess. If you have a lot of clients, however, the volume of phone calls that can come in one day is so large that it's not practical to expect you can keep up with all of them. The answer to that is a live answering service in Austin, TX, and here are several reasons why.

The Personal Touch

Anyone can have an automated answering service handle their client call volume. A recorded message can prompt potential clients to move onto another firm, though. It also can be frustrating for existing clients. A live telephone answering service in Austin, TX, puts a personal touch to leaving a message and it gives the impression that each phone call is very important to you.

Emergency Contact

An automated message will store an emergency phone call and no more. With our 24/7 live answering service, we can relay urgent information to you in real-time. This shows your clients you are on top of things and it lets you stay up to date on emerging details or needs of specific cases. It also gives you a heads up if there are new developments with a client or potential client that could affect your decisions pertaining to their case. Perfect for law offices that handles after hours calls (e.g. DWI, arrest, high profile clients, etc.).

Streamlines Communications

Most phone calls from clients will be very routine and cover basic questions. You, as their attorney, do not need to talk to them about those types of inquiries. Your time is better spent building their case. A phone answering service in Austin, TX, can handle basic questions about hours, schedules, or meeting preparation, letting you focus on what is important to your client’s case.


Avoiding Interruptions

In a busy firm, phone calls can be vitally important or a nuisance. If you're a very small firm, phone calls can lead to interruptions throughout the day, wrecking your concentration and ability to get work done. A live answering service lets you work while the service answers questions, provides basic information or sums up what your clients need. That lets you remain working throughout the day.

Documentation of Calls

Anyone who is inundated with lots of phone calls, emails, texts, etc. will have some things fall through the cracks or they will only focus on their communications. That mean they are not focused on important case work. While an automated service will only relay who has called and for what, a call answering service in Austin, TX, can prioritize and document everything that comes through. That will ensure that nothing gets missed and everything gets logged.

Staff Time Utilization

Utilizing a live service lets your regular receptionist staff perform other work and not neglect answering incoming calls. This can be important if your staff are preparing for a big meeting, case or facilitating client meetings. It also makes you and them look more professional.

As an attorney, how your office is run reflects on you. That includes your answering service. If you are too busy to handle the volume of calls you get each day, a  live answering service in Austin, TX, can make sure you emphasize to your clients they are important and that you get vital information in an organized and timely manner.

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