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Setting & Achieving Your 2023 Goals: The Ultimate Guide to Staying Productive 

02/09/23 10:22 PM By Lettie Hastings

In this day and age where everyone seems to be overwhelmed with every task at hand possible, it seems impossible to wrangle everything together and stay calm and collected. There’s always some sort of dread when thinking about today’s current tasks knowing that you are about to be assigned more too. We’ll teach you how to compartmentalize everything and get you on track for your goals and tasks ranging from personal to your business as well.

What is Productivity & How Can You Improve It?

Productivity is what determines the pace and length of achievements you make. It looks different for everyone, but to small business owners it is about time management and saving time for yourself to grow. Finding control of your work schedule helps form a day-to-day routine giving you a better balance of productivity and comfortability. It is important to stay lenient, dedicate time and have patience to building a productive lifestyle. It is important for small business owners to find a routine of productivity in order to maximize your personal and team development. 

How to Stay Productive

Step 1: The first step in setting your goals is to evaluate how you want to boost your productivity. Are you overwhelmed by deadlines and emails? Is your team seeking more structure to achieve sales and marketing goals? 

Here are 3 steps to practice meeting goals: 

-Stick to building SMART Goals: You will find that by using SMART goals, you will find long-term success. Stick to specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely goals. 

-Break down your goals and celebrate those milestones: Taking a broad goal and breaking it down into smaller milestones means these goals will be more attainable. Upon completion of a goal it is important to celebrate that success, this can improve your motivation and productivity. 

-Utilize Technology: Mobile apps have changed the way we communicate, think and operate in our daily lives. A virtual receptionist is a reliable way to maintain strong customer relationships and run your business uninterrupted as well as organize your phone lines for you. Time management apps can help you form strong habits to stay focused on meeting your goals. 

Step 2 Dissect:  The most important thing you can do is to break everything down. We often have certain goals and tasks to complete that come off as extremely daunting. Everyone overlooks how simple writing a list can be. Very similar to word problems back in elementary school, just writing down your problem, goal, and important factors on paper can make everything more digestible for your brain and your emotional wellbeing. 

For multiple tasks, we can organize them by their urgency. Save your brainpower by working on the most recent upcoming deadlines instead of worrying about later problems, which often depend on your most current task.

Step 3 Celebrate Your Achievements: Take breaks in moderation and be disciplined with yourself. A lot of people tend to be very forgiving with themselves, but being disciplined is the greatest gift you can give yourself. There are so many techniques such as the Pomodoro method, but many people use that as a guideline and branch off to make their own version that suits them!

Food, a power nap, or a quick walk can be some of your greatest sources of inspiration as well. There is so much beauty in simplicity and rest that can be utilized for your productivity. The last thing we want to be is burned out! 

Everything may be daunting when trying to embark onto a new task, reaching a higher goal, whether it is for yourself or for your business. We are human, we deserve some simplicity and patience in our everyday lives. Taking a moment to recollect and align yourself is so important when trying to focus on what we need. Setting goals, simplifying, organizing, and pacing yourself are the main 4 things we should remember behind every venture.

If you are looking to grow your business by setting achievable goals, consider the resources and tools you have for your time management. If answering your phone is the biggest challenge you’re facing, consider a virtual receptionist to help you focus on your goals. 

Lettie Hastings